WildWood — Bench

— repurposing fallen trees

Atelier NL produced a series of wooden benches made from trees that were uprooted in a heavy storm that hit Eindhoven in 2019. The Stormwood benches make practical use of these fallen trees; by cutting tree trunks lengthwise and stacking the planks, separating them with small wooden pegs, enough space is created to allow the wood to dry. Each bench is imprinted at its end with a unique number that identifies the tree species it was made from and where it used to stand in the city. Once dry, the planks can be repurposed. Meanwhile, the benches spark discussion about trees, forests, and their importance in our everyday lives.

Sit down on a bench and ponder some questions about Dutch forestry. Do you know where the wood comes from or the story of the tree that produced it?

The storm that hit Eindhoven in 2019 toppled nearly one-thousand trees. Was this extreme weather event generated by the effects of global warming? It is impossible to know for sure. However, what we do know is that trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and use it to grow, storing carbon in their trunks and branches. So how does this concern us?WildWood re-evaluates our relationship with trees by questioning our everyday choices. Would you rather have a city full of cars or a city full of trees? As counterintuitive as it may seem, even in the forest, it can be good to cut down trees. A large oak, for instance, is host to many plants and animals, but removing it frees up space for young trees that, together, absorb even more CO2. Made in collaboration with Coöperation Bosgroep Zuid Nederland, this project focuses on the importance of Dutch forestry, its various challenges, and the value of a deep-rooted connection with our local environment. The goal is to translate some of the challenges associated with forest management by drawing attention to our surroundings, using design applications to stimulate curiosity and prompt discussion about the fascinating ways we can work with trees.

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