Pic Your Day

— Hoorn

For the Westfries Museum in Hoorn, we launched a participative project to capture the ever evolving nature around the Omringdijk, a dyke system that protects the region of West Frisia on the Northern coast of the Netherlands. 16 poles were placed around the dyke to mark specific views of the landscape that th passersby were invited to take photos of with their smartphone. They were asked to upload these photos to the interactive website www.mijnomringdijk.nl and thus create a comprehensive digital image of the dyke as it evolved through the months. The project inspired the viewers to pause, pay attention to their natural surrounding, recognizing its beauty and value that they might have otherwise overlooked.

The traveling exhibition 'LageLanden' presents a selection of paintings from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, at five different museums around the country. We created unique installations for each location referencing the area it is shown in. Find the other projects here.