Pic Your Day

— A Collective Digital Painting

The coastal areas of the Netherlands are constantly transforming —beaches, dunes, and dykes are an exposition of its dynamic and ever-evolving landscape. ‘Pic Your Day’ is a participative photo project that aims to capture a distinct environment through the eye of your mobile phone. Special lookout posts are installed within specific regions which invite passersby to stop, look, take a picture, and treasure a moment within nature’s rhythm, recognizing its beauty and value that they might have otherwise overlooked. By uploading these images to an interactive website, these unique perspectives become a part of a collective digital painting and add to the story of the location.

For the Westfries Museum in Hoorn, Atelier NL set up 16 lookout posts to capture the evolving landscape around the Omringdijk, a dyke system that protects the region of West Frisia on the Northern coast of the Netherlands. These poles were placed around the dyke to mark specific views of the landscape that passersby were invited to take photos of with their smartphones. They were asked to upload these photos to the interactive website www.mijnomringdijk.nl and thus create a comprehensive digital image of the dyke as it evolved through the months. 

In collaboration with Oerol Festival 2019, twenty lookout posts were installed across the island of Terschelling — an island in the north of the Netherlands that lies between the Wadden Sea and the North Sea. With over 30km of sandy beaches, the island is the perfect place to explore. Festival-goers were invited to visit these different lookout posts as a way to slow down, take a pause, and capture a moment, all while the festival continued to beat on. By uploading their images to www.picyourday.com this moment became a part of a collective art project and added to the story of the island.