Dezeen Award Trophy

— A London Brick

In our work, we often try to amplify the stories natural resources tell about a place. London clay is emblematic of the city as it is not only the ground the city was built upon but also the material it is made of. The typical yellow brick houses define the historic cityscape and speak of the long tradition of brickmaking with clay from the London basin. To make these authentic trophies we collaborated with the Smeed Dean Brick Factory. Apart from using our custom mould, the production process of a trophy is identical to the one of any other brick.

At Atelier NL we like giving things new meaning by taking them out of context. By taking a brick out of the wall and stamping in a different logo, it becomes a trophy. For the Dezeen Awards 2018 we were asked to make 33 trophies for 24 category winners, 6 studio winners and 3 overall winners. The trophies come with a wooden presentation box. A metal plaque that serves as a base of the trophy when it is on display carries the details of the winning project, studio and category. It was made in collaboration with the graphic design studio HeyHeydeHaas.