Earth Alchemy Factory

— To explore the world of natural materials by learning and making as a community.

Atelier NL’s Earth Alchemy Factory invites the public to explore the world of natural materials by learning and making. We are bringing design, education, and production together into one fluid system based on the methodology we have developed over the past eight years. We will soon begin to produce our well-known Clay Service in-house with local clays. Additionally, through workshops, lectures, archives, and material libraries the public will have the chance to learn how raw materials are transformed into products.

With an active community of students and public connected to our studio, we are in a position to provide a space for learning that supports participation all the way through to production. Workshops will immerse visitors in our methodology, allowing them learn step-by-step. Through hands-on instruction, visitors will learn about glass made from sand, paint made from soil, and ceramics made from clay.

In this time of rapid technological change, it is rare to witness the processes that provide the products and materials we depend on. In our production, we focus on quality of process and the unique characteristics of materials. At Atelier NL, we believe that understanding natural material transformation encourages more sustainable cultural evolution.

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Atelier NL’s World Glass Map: A Visual Story of Sand as a Dwindling Resource Exhibitions and events during Dutch Design Week (Eindhoven) and at the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen (Rotterdam)

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