The Clay Machine | 2008

The Clay Machine
2008 | Atelier NL


We nearly think that ceramic products are created in a factory, and are almost forgotten that the material where earthenware is made from, actually is earth.

With the series of cup and saucers 'Drawn From Clay' made from self dug up clay from various parts of the Netherlands, Atelier NL shows that this earth is different in each place.

The history of a certain area determines the characteristics of its soil. Different ingredients give a unique color and struc
ture for the eventually baked clay. "With the clay machine we want to illustrate the process. From the moment of digging and collecting the soil, which subsequently is dried and grinded into powders. The archiving of these raw materials and the procedure of adding with water, mixing and press a tile from it. After this tile is baked, it is a represent soil color for a certain area."

photography Patricia Rehe